The Ripple Effect: David Wolfe

Do you have one of those friends or colleagues who, every time you speak to them, seems to open your eyes to new information, ideas and resources?

Scott Helton is one of those guys.

When you speak to Scott you need to have a pen and paper ready because, before you know it, he’ll be talking about all kinds of fascinating speakers, authors, videos, studies, or any number of other references that you’ll want to remember.  This is the kind of info that, when you learn about it, you end up thinking “How come I didn’t know about this earlier?“.

Scott is driven by pure passion.  He loves learning about cutting edge, transformational thinkers, and then spreading the word so others can learn as well.  Awhile back he decided to start compiling this information into a website called Cafe Namaste, which is definitely worth exploring.

And most recently, he launched a video series called The Ripple Effect, which is an opportunity for him to share some of his knowledge and introduce viewers to key resources.  I have the privilege of joining Scott in his videos.

Check out our inaugural discussion on super foods and health guru David Wolfe!


You can find some of David Wolfe’s recipes here.

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