Finding Your Greatness

By August 14, 2017featured, Inspiration
Have you ever experienced the scenario where someone else has had to believe in you before you were able to believe in yourself?

Such a scenario can be a life changing experience.
This is very well captured in the award winning speech below by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi.
Well worth the watch.

 Wow! What a moving speech.
I feel the most powerful line in his story is when he says: I discovered I could dream
This is the essence of hope.  It is the way out of being broken, lost and broke. With hope, he can start to grow, and to move in the direction of achieving his dream.
All the while he felt supported by the unconditional love of his wife, and he knew by his reflection in her that he was not broken – just lost and broke until he could make it.
He saw his reflection in others – and they saw something in him which he could not yet see or believe in himself.
How can I succeed if I don’t know what I’m passionate about?  
How can I know what I am passionate about if I don’t know who I am?
Self-discovery goes hand-in-hand with self-belief.
But sometimes, the self-belief we crave and yearn for does not need to come from within.  When others believe in us first, it paves the way for us to then believe in ourself.
And this, in turn, helps us discover who we truly are, and what’s important to us.
Next time you’re feeling a little lost or broken, remind yourself of who in your life believes in you and your potential.  And then go and have a chat with them.  Allow them to remind you of what you’ve perhaps forgotten about your skills, abilities and potential.
“I see something in you…”
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